Autopilot error 80070002

A few days ago, I started working on a new script. This blog is not about that script, but rather the unrelated issues I encountered while working on that script. Just over a year ago, I published two blogs first and second about a package of customizations that you could customize and package into an MSI that you could deploy to your devices via Intune as part of a Windows Autopilot deployment.

The types of things that can be configured include:. You can download it or clone the repositorycustomize it as required, and build it after installing Wix. It was a non-trivial process necessitated at the time by the lack of support for tracking Win32 apps during ESP, something rectified in Windows 10 and abovebut quite a few people have used it. About six months ago, I published another blog talking about another new script called UpdateOS.

So by the time Autopilot is done with the device setup, the device is fully patched. As I mentioned previously, I was working on a new script, adding it into the other configurations, including the two apps above, that I routinely deploy to each device. But before it even got to my new script, I could see the UpdateOS script was failing. But that cumulative update was routinely failing to install.

Looking deeper into the CBS. That way, the additional features e. NET Framework being added by the Autopilot Branding app would get patched and there would be no need to reinstall the latest cumulative update. The first step to setting up that dependency was to move the Autopilot Branding app from a Windows MSI line-of-business app to a Win32 app. MSI file into a. NET Framework installation.

{Solved} 5 Ways to Fix Windows Update Error 0x80070002

NET Framework, as it needs to get those components from the internet. So I packaged that MSI into a new. NET Framework was added without issue as a new feature, pulled from Windows Update even though the device was configured to talk to WU. The Update OS app then also installed successfully, installing all detected updates successfully, including KB After the reboot, everything was configured as expected:. NET installed, customizations applied, latest updates installed.The device is Windows 10 Pro, I updated it and tried again but the error is still the same.

It mentions some authentication issues but I've already confirmed the login is correct. I've tried what I can to fix the issue but its not budging, any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. System file Checker determine whether the issues you are experiencing on your computer are caused by one or more system files.

CreateProcess failed. Code(0x80070002) in ConfigMgr OSD

You can refer to the following Microsoft article to repair corrupt files using SFC tool. Use the System File Checker tool to repair missing or corrupted system files.

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Select Product Version. All Products. After you back up files by using Windows Backup on a Windows 7-based computer, you receive a notification that resembles the following: Check your backup results The backup completed but some files were skipped.

Check your backup results. Error: The system cannot find the file specified. Scenario 1 cause This issue occurs if you back up a library that contains custom folders that are located under your user profile.

Scenario 2 cause This issue occurs if the following conditions are true: Windows Backup tries to back up files in the LocalLow, Contacts, and Searches folders. These folders are not present on your computer. Note These folders are created only if certain applications are installed on the computer.

You try to copy data from the computer to an external USB storage device. Notes This issue may also occur when you are using USB devices other than storage devices. To resolve this issue, use one of the resolution methods that are listed for your scenario.

Scenario 1 resolution To resolve this issue, take one of the following actions: Ignore the error message. Note The custom library files that are stored in your user profile will not be backed up. Last Updated: Apr 10, Need more help? No results. Join the discussion Ask the community. Get support Contact Us. Was this information helpful?

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autopilot error 80070002

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Ireland - English.This tutorial contains instructions to resolve the Windows Update error "An error occurred while checking for new updates for your computer". The error 0x in Windows Update can caused because of incorrect date and time settings or other reasons that prevent the download of the new updates. Important: Before proceeding to the methods below, try the following:. Set the View By: to Small icons and click Troubleshooting.

Press Next at the first screen and then choose Try troubleshooting as an administrator. Some times this folder becomes corrupted and needed to re-create it, in order to download and install updates from scratch. In Services control panel locate the Windows Update service.

Right-click on Windows Update service and select Stop. Find and Delete the SoftwareDistribution folder or rename it. Restart your computer. When this done, restart your computer. Run Windows Update and try to install the failed update. Click Next at the first screen. To do that:. Select Ethernet or Wi-Fi on the left, and then at 'Related settings' section, click Change adapter options. Check the Use the following DNS server addresses: radio button.

That's all! Did it work for you? Please leave a comment in the comment section below or even better: like and share this blog post in the social networks to help spread the word about this solution. Your email address will not be published. FIX: Error in Windows Update Solved This tutorial contains instructions to resolve the Windows Update error "An error occurred while checking for new updates for your computer".

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.I realize that depending on who you talk to they have different point of views on things. The purpose of this blog post is to present the options that exist for organizations moving to modern management. Modern management is what I would say moving away from on-premise dependencies, creating a more flexible and mobile workplace and more cost-efficient management of Windows devices.

Why would you stop doing what you are doing and start doing things in new ways? Well, one is to save time for IT as well as end users and as time is money, you will be able to reduce costs in your organization. Think new, and stop doing reference image building and stop certifying hardware and use modern deployment tools such as AutoPilot and Intune to save time and modernize the deployment process. Another example is that you can reduce complexity and remove infrastructure, say for instance patching.

Dismantle old WSUS servers and do patching via Windows Update for Business, which means relying on existing Microsoft infrastructure rather than downloading everything from Microsoft, approving patches, distributing patches etc. Again, do not reinvent the wheel and repeat what Microsoft is already offering in terms of infrastructure.

After doing that you can start the switch to modern management, as the switch to the modern world will not be done overnight for most organizations.

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That includes not making scripts, configuration and applications deployed or configured via on-premise Active Directory or ConfigMgr. Instead, you do this in the modern management tool if possible.

Focus one hundred percent on moving the current resources to the modern management world instead! The ultimate goal which is something to strive for, is fulfilled when configuration, patching and applications are managed by a modern management solution, and there are no dependencies to on-premise resources such as ConfigMgr, distributions points, GPOs etc. Do I believe this goal can be achieved regardless of organization and size?

However, there are many challenges on the way and it will for sure not be easy nor quick for many organizations. One of the biggest challenges in the modern world lies with applications. In the best of worlds, applications are moving away from using Kerberos or other traditional authentication mechanisms, as well as legacy code or runtime requirements. Instead rely on modern authentication and preferably OAuth 2.

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Application strategy moving forward is a separate chapter and I will not cover that more in this blog post. Current applications, that is traditional and legacy applications packaged as MSI or in EXE format, needs to be replaced, reworked or repackaged. Today, repackaging can be done by repackaging to the AppX format.

Popular packaging software like AdminStudio has had this capability for several years but if you want a free option look at Advanced Installer which also has the capability to package apps in the AppX format. At least for the option which is customers with no ConfigMgr, moving to this new package format is a requirement because there is no good way of deploying the applications unless you move to this new package format.

Also, look into AutoPilot. Note : For hybrid joined machines it seems that Microsoft has not yet made as of March it possible to be able to run PowerShell scripts via the Intune Management Extension.

Intune Autopilot Hybrid Join error - Something went wrong 80070774

This is a very sad limitation because that means you have no way of deploying scripts for filling in the gap on current limitations of MDM, as you move to modern management. This is the least effort option where you try to touch the ConfigMgr solution as little as possible and instantly just start the move away from ConfigMgr.

This option is more suitable for smaller and rather simple ConfigMgr environments. This is the recommended way for most organizations that want to start the journey to modern management. Well this option is a good one but as the devices are not connected to an on-premise Active Directory, it requires that you have moved all GPOs and have managed to provide access to all on-premise resources for users when they are outside the company network. This option is more for future use, although this option might be good for some customers already.

Note : Even though devices are not connected to the on-premise Active Directory, they are able to use single sign on to access recourses on the internal network such as printers, network shares and other resources in the Active Directory domain. This is true as long as the device is on an internal network and has contact with an on-premise domain controller, where a Kerberos TGT is issued for accessing on-premise resources.

This includes the optional agent deployment via Intune. Click any of the Windows logos or the briefcase and if you have the Info button you know that you have an active MDM enrollment for this device. Check the following:.By anywebJanuary 16, in Microsoft Intune. This user is not authorized to enroll. You can try to do this again or contact your system administrator with the error code c This error can occur just after entering your password and should be the point where the device is setup and auto enrolled into MDM if you have that option enabled and have Azure AD Premium.

I decided to document the things I needed to check in order to resolve the issue to help others with the same problem. Thanks go to Per Larsen for pointing me in the right direction. The username used for this blog post was wipuser windowsnoob. Next, click on Licenses in the left column. The Licenses available to the user are shown on the right blade along with a count of Enabled services. Details of the services enabled within that license are shown.

So based on the above, you can see that the user is licensed for Azure AD Premium and Intune A direct so this is not a licensing issue.

You can set a limit on the number of devices users can enroll, to verify the current setting open the Azure Active Directory service and click on Devices then click on Device Settings.

Look at the value stored in Maximum number of devices per user.

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Next, you should verify the number of devices the user in question has enrolled already. To do so, in the Intune service click on Usersselect the username and then click on Devices.

autopilot error 80070002

Next, verify that the user is actually in scope for MDM. So next you need to verify that the user is in that User Group. And to do that in the Intune service click on Groupsthen All Groupsselect the group in question and search or locate your user in that group.

Look at the value stored in Users may join devices to Azure ADit can be one of the following three options.

autopilot error 80070002

In this example it is Selected and the User Group in question can be viewed by clicking on 1 member selected. By clicking on the user group and then clicking on Members you can see what users are in that user group. In the Intune service click on Device Enrollmentthen enrollment Restrictions and look at the settings for Device Limit Restrictions.

autopilot error 80070002

In this case it's 15 which is more than the user has listed under their Devices. Sometimes when things go wrong and you get a message that tells you what the problem is, requires you to do some digging and verification in order to resolve.

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How to Fix Error Code 80070002 on Windows 10!

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That works without problem and is installed in the background. However with an.

Kbid title alternatetitle packagename url proxiedurl publisher

These options are case-sensitive. Thanks you for the post! But i guess that most of the sofwtware will list it on there site. They need to include support for those when packaging.

To fix the error manually, it will be necessary to remove all of the files partially downloaded, and try again to update your Windows files. This will cause the Automatic Updates to pause to correct the situation.

Do not close the Local Services window. At this point you can go to the "Software Distribution" folder and delete its contents, or give the folder another name. It is advised that you just rename the folder. Sign In. Products 70 Special Topics Most Active Hubs Microsoft Teams. Azure Active Directory. Microsoft Edge Insider.

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